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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Not All Moslems Hate Us: "What country volunteered to go to Saddam Hussein's aid? None. What country today openly sides with Osama bin Laden? None. So, instead of a portrait of over 1 billion Moslems under strict orders from Allah to kill all of us unbelievers, maybe there are sticks to be poked here, carrots to be dangled, alliances to be formed, games to be played.
There was no evidence during World War II that sizable numbers of the German and Japanese populations were on our side. During the Cold War there was abundant evidence that we had lots of friends inside communist countries. In fact, the coldest part of the Cold War was the frosty relationship between the captive populations and their communist masters.
There's no one single 'Islamic world.' There are many. And far from all of them are against us.
Some of my best friends are Moslems who hate Osama. Let's try to find ways to get out there and manufacture some more. "
Read the entire article, and learn to think differently about the Muslim world.
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