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Saturday, February 07, 2004

NR Editors on Intelligence on National Review Online: "Kay repudiated a central article of faith in the religion of conspiracy: that the administration, hot to topple Saddam, pressured intelligence analysts to give it the evidence it needed. Kay said he had 'not come across a single one' who had been leaned on in that fashion. The intelligence community and the administration alike were, however, pressured by their own expectations. Saddam had possessed and used poison gas, and was determined to build other forms of WMD. He had been defying U.N. inspectors for four years. Therefore, it seemed likely that he had restocked his arsenal. The Bush administration believed it; so did the Clinton administration. So did Britain. So did the anti-war Left, including France and Germany. (One reason the peaceniks advanced for not invading Iraq was that Saddam would unleash his WMD.)"

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