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Thursday, March 18, 2004

EU Business - French FM supports EU appointment of anti-terrorism supremo: "EU officials have said the proposed 'Mr Terrorism' would be a coordinator -- an expert who knows the subject well -- rather than a politician. The officials rejected any comparison with Tom Ridge, the US Homeland Security director. "
But of course. America can't have a good idea: we are boorish, unrefined, and have a cowboy for president. Europe will teach us how to fight terrorism with diplomacy, finesse, culture. And talk. Lots of talk. It's the Eli approach: "My sons, do not so wickedly." [That's in the Bible. Look it up.]

They did such a good job with Napoleon, Hitler, and Mussolini. The French are especially good at it, from the days of the Huguenots, Robspierre, and Nazism. Only the Anglos seem to get it right, although it usually takes them a while.
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