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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Excite News: "Most Spaniards opposed Aznar's support of the Iraq war, and many believed he made Spain a target for terrorists by his pro-U.S. policies."
This is liberalism in a nutshell. If you are hard on the bad guys they will just hate you more. It's the parents fault, it's the policeman's fault, it's the military's fault, it's the fault of whoever thinks that evil should be punished and restrained. The true sin in the world is overreacting and the use of excessive force.

The real enemy is God, of course, for He will surely punish the wicked and reward the righteous. But in the liberal, socialist dream of human paradise, there are no wicked and righteous, just a Hegelian stew of undifferentiated moral amalgam.

We will find, however, that God is not part of the stew. The Hell of the Bottomless Pit is the end of the stew. Hell is for those who do not know which end is up.
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