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Friday, March 19, 2004

Welcome to WGOP - DC Radio 700: "So Kerry knows his own record and knows his vulnerability. His response is to create out of whole cloth mythical 'foreign leaders' who support his election. Like Harvey the Rabbit, John Kerry has Harvey the 'foreign leader' whispering encouragement to him.

"That's troubling. Very troubling, and the press doesn't quite know what to do with this odd duck from Massachusetts, but are reluctant to see him implode the week after locking up the nomination. So they aren't pressing very hard.

"Here's a suggestion: Just track the 'foreign leaders' story with half the energy you tracked the 'yellowcake' story. That'll do.

"Scary John Kerry. Next thing you know he'll be making up defective voting processes in Florida and hiring lawyers to stake out the Sunshine State."
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