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Monday, March 15, 2004

Thought You Should Know - Sixties Legacy in the Oval Office: "First was a commitment to radical egalitarianism, the belief that in a just society everyone was to be absolutely equal and that every effort should be made to level society as much as possible. The second was an anti-Americanism that increasingly raised its head as the decade wore on. Third was a self-righteousness -- a certainty about the rightness of their own views -- that probably characterizes most true-believing political groups but was virulent and fanatical in the new left and what came to be called the sixties generation."
This is a good article on the legacy of the 1960's. Affirms some things that this writer has been saying for some time. The trouble is that these smug self-righteous people are now in huge churches, where they sit around, drink latte, drive Porches, and profess love for the underclass, boast that they have delivered the world from narrow fundamentalism and divisive doctrine. They insist that basketball coaches wear suits and ties and likewise insist on their liberty to wear blue jeans or shorts to church. They eat popcorn while they weep over Gibson's "Passion." They know nothing of the cross of Christ, except through the idolatry of the crucifix or some movie. They would not have any idea of what Luther posted on the door at Wittenberg: "Blessed are those who say 'The cross! the cross!' and there is no cross."
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