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Sunday, March 21, 2004

New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Editorials: Oil-for-graft at the UN: "Kofi Annan has some explaining to do, and he knows it. Now that it's no longer possible to maintain with half a straight face that the United Nations' humanitarian oil-for-food program in Saddam Hussein's Iraq was not mercilessly looted, Secretary General Annan concedes that 'it is highly possible there has been quite a lot of wrongdoing.'"
See, this blog has maintained that the the true greed-for-oil movement in the world was the European/UN anti-Iraq War movement. Any Halburton overcharge for oil during the war is peanuts compared to the rip off of the Oil for Food program. And Secretary Kofi Annan was one of the main beneficiaries. But have you seen that on your TV screen?
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