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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Brent Bozell: The pro-indecency lobby: "This last one comes from NBC president Robert Wright, who wrote a passionate editorial in the Wall Street Journal claiming the TV elite are the titans of 'creative integrity,' and must not be protested. 'Ultimately, we have much less to fear from obscene, indecent or profane content than we do from an overzealous government willing to limit First Amendment protections and censor creative free expression. That would be indecent,' Wright insisted. "
This is the mind-set of the sixties. Turn everything upside down, re-label vulgarity and obscenity, make evil good and good evil. Opposites are both valid, and truth comes from the dialectics. Because the church has bought into the idea that the Bible contains contradictions, there is no defense from the church, except empty moralisms.

The only absolute that the rebels of the sixties know is this one: I have the right to do as I please, whenever, whatever, however. All who restrain me are pigs.
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