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Tuesday, April 27, 2004 C-Log: The Conservative Web Log: "Jesse Jackson Calls U.S. Military Action in Iraq
During a speech earlier this month at the 21st Century Black Massachusetts Conference in Boston, Rev. Jesse Jackson condemned U.S. military action in Iraq, calling it 'murder' and calling U.S. liberation of Iraq 'crimes against humanity.' He even wents so far as to encourage the United Nations to apply sanctions agains the U.S., stating: 'I'm not sure the U.N. has the power to act against us in a military way, but they have the right to make a moral judgment.' Jackson went on to implore Congress to determine if President Bush's war policies are impeachable offenses, but said Congress itself bears no responsibility for the war, despite having voted to authorize it."

Does anyone still take this guy seriously? Somebody needs to tell Mr. Jackson that he is not important just because he is black. He is one of the most racist people in America, and no, it is not racist for me to insist that a black man make sense. It would be racist if we did not expect a black man to make sense.
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