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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Commentary - Special Article: "The final perfidy, though, is not personal but political. The UN, in the name of its own lofty principles, and to its rich emolument, actively helped sustain and protect a tyrant whose brutality and repression were the cause of Iraqi deprivation in the first place. What can this mean? The answer may be simply that, along with its secrecy, its massed cadres of bureaucrats beholden to the favor of the man at the top, its almost complete lack of accountability, external oversight, or the most elementary checks and balances, the UN suffers from an endemic affinity with anti-Western despots, and will turn a blind eye to the devil himself in order to keep them in power. Certainly there is much in its history and its behavior to support this view. "
The trouble with idolatry is that gods that you create for yourself must be supported by yourself because they cannot stand on their own feet, being dead. Those who look for world peace from the UN are doomed to justifying the actions of the UN no matter how corrupt it becomes and how many sins are uncovered. Dead and blind gods are served by dead and blind people.
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