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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Kerry Confronts Pennsylvania's Quiet Struggles, Loud Jeers: "'I'm tired of saying no,' Sheldon said, choking up. 'We say no all the time.'"

Sob! Sob! What a spoiled bunch we are. My mama said, "No, no, no," all the time. We were poor. I didn't know we were poor, as I do now. But we were proud and what we couldn't buy we didn't miss. We knew there were two ways to be rich: have enough money to buy what you want; or only want what you have money for. We knew that the latter was the healthy and godly way.

One thing for certain: we never ever ever expected any government money. I cannot imagine my mother or father being so sorry and sick as to weep to a politician about having to tell us "no." For crying out loud. My parents used to say that FDR did more to corrupt the character of the American people and make them dependent on government than any one in our history. This story linked above is anecdotal evidence that they were right.
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