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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Paul Greenberg: Who controls the past? Zell Miller, memory and politics: "Who controls the past, George Orwell wrote in '1984,' controls the future, and who controls the present controls the past."
Wrong, Mr. Greenberg. This is the reason that totalitarianism cannot succeed. It is not who controls the past, be He who controls the future that counts.

The present proceeds from the future, not the past. What happens today is determined by what will happen in the future. But, you ask, how can you control the future? Exactly.

Only God contols the future and "all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are called according his purpose," the apostle Paul wrote.

Isaiah was told to proclaim the Word of God: "Say to the righteous, 'It will be well with you." Say to the unrighteous, 'It will not be well with you.'" Such is determined by God. Babylon is fallen, Satan's kingdom is overthrown, and the meek will inherit the earth.

Christians are called to live by faith; this means at least that what we do today is determined by what is promised by God. Walking by faith and not by sight, Christians are not overwhelmed by the guilt of the past, nor by the evils of the present, because they are certain that God has purposed the triumph of good and the overthrow of evil. There is no question about it.

Because of this we do not buy into various conspiracy theories or overwhelming of evil powers which control history. History is controlled by Him who brings all things to pass according to the purpose of His own will. [Ephesians 1] 'Nuff said.
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