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Friday, September 10, 2004

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: "By 3 o'clock, the very careful and honest Jim Geraghty, who produces invaluable material every day on's Kerry Spot, was saying flatly, 'CBS had better have one heck of a defense for this.'

"Yeah, it had better. I thought on Wednesday that it was scandalous for '60 Minutes' to turn over a good deal of its time on Wednesday night to one Ben Barnes, a one-time Texas political powerhouse who now claims he got George W. Bush into the National Guard.

"The problem is not, as some would have it, that Barnes has raised half a million dollars for Kerry. The problem is that Barnes has already lied about this on videotape, and I use the word 'lied' without difficulty, where he says he pulled strings for Bush when 'I was lieutenant governor of Texas.'

"The thing is that George W. Bush was sworn into the National Guard in May 1968. Ben Barnes didn't become lieutenant governor until 1969.

"From the lies of Ben Barnes to the apparent forgeries of who-knows-who-did-it -- why has '60 Minutes' exposed itself in this way?

"We all know why. Its producers and others in the media think George Bush deserves to be beaten up now because of the beating administered to John Kerry in August. In some weird way, the editors and producers believe this is fairness at work.

"Instead, they have unmasked themselves. Or rather, they have been unmasked by ordinary people who can see what they and their hired experts evidently could not."
Is there any doubt in anybody's mind now that the left-wing press will do anything, accept anything, and cover any stink in order to defeat Bush and his decent allies?

Read this whole article by Podhoretz in the New York Post. The Kerry crowd is desperate and sinking. When you have no ballast, no inner core of character and conviction, your house comes down when the wind blows.
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