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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

They just don't get it. The wounded cries coming out of the liberal big press show that they don't get it.

It's all style with these guys. They just can't abide the idea that the Kerry idea is what is being rejected, not his style. We do get it, Mr. or Ms. Talking Head. We just don't like it. We do not see any reason to elect John Kerry. We don't hate Mr. Bush nearly as much as you do, for we do not see the need to protect abortion rights, the right to fornicate, the right to be a sodomite, the right to tax and spend to maintain power.

You see, we do get it. Renewed attacks on Mr. Bush; more negative ads about the National Guard are silly and will just remind us of a small boy complaining to his mother that his little sister just hit him again.

It isn't Kerry's style; it isn't style at all. It has to do with something called authenticity. It isn't that Mr. Kerry doesn't seem authentic. He isn't authentic. He just wants to be president and will do and say anything to destroy those who are in his way. We got it and we don't like it.

There probably isn't anything that the guys in the mainstream press--no matter how they spout the talking points given them by Democratic National Committee--can do about it. Those who have spent their lives defending fornication rights, abortion rights, and the rights of sodomites will not understand authenticity if it hit them in the face. It did at 9/11 and they still didn't get it.

Things changed in this country at 9/11. Bush's actions on that day and on the days after were not studied exercises in politics, although politics were not ignored. They were authentic reactions, something that you know nothing about.
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