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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

April 9, 2014: Morning Prayer and Meditation on Psalm 140:6-8

“6  I said unto the LORD, Thou art my God: hear the voice of my supplications, O LORD.
7  O GOD the Lord, the strength of my salvation, thou hast covered my head in the day of battle.
8  Grant not, O LORD, the desires of the wicked: further not his wicked device; lest they exalt themselves. Selah.” (Ps 140:6-8)
Precious Father in Heaven, How precious are Your promises to me and to all Your
people.  I confess that You desire us to confess our faith in words that have meaning,
and we rejoice to “offer the calves of our lips.’  If we confess You before men, the
Lord Jesus will confess us before You and the Angels in Heaven.

But we always begin with You, O precious Father.  What we say before men, we must
first say to You.  We are “to take words  and turn to the LORD: say unto him, Take
away all iniquity, and receive us graciously….”
How precious it is, Father, to lay hold on Your promises and say unto You, “You are
my God: hear the voice of my supplications, O Lord.” 

You have  given us such precious promises that if we being evil know how to give
good gifts to our children how much more shall You, our Heavenly Father, give good
gifts to those who ask.  If we knock, You will open; if we seek, we will find; if we ask,
we shall receive.

For You are our God, we do confess.  You are God of the whole world that You
created, but You are special to Your Own, those predestined by You, the Father; those
redeemed by the  blood of Your Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ; and those called into
new life and faith by the Holy Spirit.  We confess and glory in the truth that we are
Your own people, called out of darkness into the glorious light of Your dear Son.

You, O Father, are the strength of my salvation.  The strength of my salvation does not
lie in any part of my nature, O Precious Lord.  Not in my intellect, for that ladder does
not reach to heaven;  not in my will, for it is in bondage to sin like my mind;  not in my
emotions which are prone to hate both God and my neighbor.  The power must come
from You, O precious Father. 

You are my helmet of salvation and my only defense from Satan and all his hosts.  You
are my salvation and the strength of my soul.  Strengthen me, O precious Lord, with
might in the inner man, for I am weak and without strength if You are not with me. 
Your rod and Your staff strengthen me. 

But You strengthen my inner man, according to Your glorious power, unto all patience
and joyfulness so that I can give thanks unto You, who have  made me and all Your
people able to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light, for You have
delivered me from the power of darkness, and has translated me into the kingdom of
his dear Son, along with all Your people.  This was the result of no power in me, but
Your mighty Word and Spirit.

Hence, I can pray, O Father, that You will deprive the wicked of their desires; those
that boast against You and take Your Name in vain.  Their wicked devices will not
bear fruit, for You will not give Your glory to another, but abase the proud and war
against them.

For Yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever and ever.  Amen, in the
Name of Your dear Son, Whom we love and serve.
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