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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Excite - Sports News: "In a sharply worded court filing, prosecutors said defense attorney Pamela Mackey stepped over the line last week when she asked a detective at the preliminary hearing whether injuries to the 19-year-old woman were 'consistent with a person who had sex with three different men in three days.' "

There is a clear message being sent to young women across the country. Don't you dare accuse a rich and famous and powerful sports figure of rape, no matter what the situation. You will be smeared and destroyed.

What is wrong with the judge? The defense attorney babe used the victim's name in open court SIX times, which is against the law in Colorado, and against the express directions of the judge. She should have been found in contempt of court, fined, and thrown into the hoosegow. If the judge won't demand respect, who will?

Maybe its my point of view. I have always thought that Kobe was an arrogant baby, and I never liked the Lakers because of him. I like Shaq, but Kobe is just too much.
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