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Monday, October 13, 2003

Funny about the news media and the Hollywood crowd. They trade in hypocrisy. The movie is all make-believe. If it didn't show so much about the graymatter of the average American, it would be funny when some actor who plays a doctor on the screen is trotted out to give his medical opinion about AIDS or something; or an actress who sleeps with politicians is asked for her political opinion. It would be better if the latter were asked how the jerk was in bed. That's the only thing she knows anything about.

As for the "news" media, they trade in deceit and rumor. As Drudge said to them, empty your own pockets before you criticize Limbaugh for getting hooked on prescription medicine. Probably one of the best quotes of the week: "There's no law against being a hypocrite a few times in your life." [Matt Drudge] But what of those who trade in deceit and lies?
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