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Friday, October 17, 2003

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David Limbaugh: A week in the culture war: "Those of you who think the Judge Roy Moore Ten Commandments flap in Alabama was some isolated sideshow are woefully misguided. Those of you who think that courageous Christians like Moore are the ones picking this fight by waiving the Bible in our faces apparently aren’t aware of the city by city, county by county, state by state crusade the ACLU is on to eradicate Ten Commandments displays from all public buildings.

"This secularist obsession to achieve a strict separation of church and state is not only not mandated by the Constitution, it is at war with the Constitution’s very designs about religious freedom. In the name of promoting religious liberty, the enemies of Christianity are using the First Amendment Establishment Clause as a weapon to suppress Christian religious freedom.

"No student is being forced to say the Pledge, much less the words “under God.” This isn’t a case of the government imposing Christian values on vulnerable children. This is not about separation, but about a small intolerant minority forcing its will on a heretofore passive and non-combative majority."
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