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Saturday, October 18, 2003

I'm glad she's home. I'm glad they caught the guy. But something is slimy about her father. I'm talking about the whole Elizabeth Smart business. Now they are making a movie and the producers and actors and family are falling all over themselves saying that they want to tell her story without "exploiting" Elizabeth.

Really? Her father exploited this whole thing from day one. He was able to shift the whole thing to himself and his feelings. I got so I didn't want to see his face on the screen, and I feel more about it now. I wanted to scream at the man. Now is the time to be strong, not to exploit Elizabeth to demonstrate to the world what a caring and feeling man {?} you are. But now I suppose I have revealed myself as hard-hearted. Yes, I am hard-hearted enough to think that her kidnappers ought to die. I am also hard-hearted enough to wonder how much money dad gets for the special and the movie. Will he sell America's Girl tee-shirts?

I just finished watching a bit of a TV special on CBS. Those smug sanctimonious faces, milking as much emotion as they can out of the event, [selling ads that must have cost a fortune for the advertizers--but no exploitation, you know]. This is the same Hollywood that accused Bush of "exploiting 9/11" because references are made to it in campaign literature. And Bush is the hypocrite, would you believe.

About six months ago there was an article that Dad was hiring an entertainment lawyer. "Elizabeth Smart's family has hired a Los Angeles entertainment attorney to help them screen movie and book proposals about Elizabeth's abduction and remarkable return." It's good to get your daughter back; its also good to make a bundle of money on her abuction, rape, and return. And the news and entertainment industry thinks Limbaugh is a hypocrite.

Someday, many years from now, after I am in my grave, Elizabeth will tell her true story. I think it will be different from what it is now.
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