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Monday, December 29, 2003

No history, no study, no debate: "THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and various newspapers reported this month that UCLA's Chicano Studies Research Center released a 'study' that recommended allowing California's 4.6 million noncitizens to vote in local elections.
But there was no study. There was no new research or in-depth information. There was a Latino Policy & Issue Brief written by UCLA law professor Joaquin C. Avila. The brief cited census data that found that noncitizen adults comprise large portions of California municipalities -- such as 32 percent of Los Angeles -- and then concluded that 'a substantial number of persons, who contribute to our economy and our government's revenues, are being denied political representation' -- which he dubbed 'political apartheid.' "

This is the way more and more "scholarship" is performed these days. The scientific world is so corrupt, espcially in the social science fields and the humanities that what passes for scientific scholarship is merely the issuing of opinions and decrees. If someone feels it necessary to support his/her/its opinion, there is simply an appeal to some junk "pseudo-science"

Of course, if there is no objective truth with reference in the Creator, then there is nothing but opinion and subjective desire. True science, which is knowledge of the truth, is distinguished from opinion by the very existence of objective truth. How is opinion to be judged, if not by objective truth. Of course, you can always appeal to the sword or bombs. That's what Islam has done as it has increasingly lost the intellectual arguments. But this is hardly science.

Reminds me of some of the neanderthal types that inhabited the school playground when I was a boy. Their idea of discussion was to ask, "Wanna fight about it?" No one did, of course. They were too big and brawny, having been held back two or three grades. You had to know something in order to pass your grade in those days.

Oh well.
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