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Thursday, January 01, 2004 | Nelson pens protest song: "By the end of the day, Nelson had written the anti-war ballad 'What Ever Happened to Peace on Earth,' which he will debut at Saturday's fund-raising concert for Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich at Austin Music Hall."

Christ didn't come to bring peace on earth, not as long as men are at war with Him. People may think that peace will come when the U.S. surrenders to the French and the Germans, but God doesn't gain peace by surrendering to sin; He wins it by gaining victory over sin and death and hell. Peace will come in God's time, when people like Willie Nelson cease and desist from warring against the Bible and the truth. And they will stop it, you way or another.

Willie evidently hasn't learned when to hold and when to fold. He is still bluffing with a spot card high.
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