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Friday, January 02, 2004

The PC politics of censorship - The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED: " My husband received the following letter from a waggish friend: 'Jim -- I just wanted to wish you and yours a happy holiday. I'll leave it at 'holiday' to avoid running afoul of the ACLU....
'On second thought, I withdraw 'holiday.' It derives from 'holy day,' which clearly presents problems. And 'season's greetings,' a well-known dodge, suggests other difficulties. With global warming, what is a season? So I'll just say, 'Timely greetings to you and yours.' Uh, wait. 'Yours' implies possession of the female. Maybe it should be, 'Timely greetings to you and those who, through their own free choice, the same choice we cherish in Roe v. Wade, choose to be associated with you?'
'Nor will I mention the so-called 'new year.' After all, other cultures celebrate their new year at other times. Who are we imperialists to demand our own?
'I find this time of year so difficult. Don't you?' "

I, for one, refuse to surrender the language, the Christian faith [the only true religiion], God-ordained differences between the sexes--including their role in life, Western civilization [which is superior to all civilizations that have ever been on this earth], and God-ordained reason which enables a human being to tell the difference between hawks and handsaws and gnats and camels. If you want to sink into the slough of undifferentiated chaos, have fun--if you know what fun is.
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