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Friday, January 02, 2004

Oliver North: Conspiracy theories: "WASHINGTON, D.C. -- It's hard to say exactly when the Democrats decisively left the reservation, for the parallel universe that exists only in their own imaginations. In their world, Bill Clinton was impeached solely because Republicans were 'trying to overturn the election'; Al Gore would be president today if only Jeb Bush hadn't stolen the election in Florida; and Osama bin Laden is a CIA operative who orchestrated Sept. 11 to justify the end of civil liberties in the United States. This litany of conspiracy theories barely scratches the surface of the paranoid mentality that currently infects American liberals"

There has always been a nutty side to American politics. In the fifties and sixties most of the conspiracies that surfaced were loony right-wing ones: Catholics, Jews, the Rockefellers, the Bildebergers, the Rothschilds, the Ford Foundation, the Masons, the Illuminati, the Council on foreign Relations, the United Nations [would you believe that I cannot even remember many of them--I should have kept better notes!!], and more recently the Trilateralists. Conspiracy theory drove the agenda for many right and right-to-center political organizations. The liberals referred to it as the "lunatic fringe."

But the lunatic fringe has migrated to the left. There were always nuts on the left, but since McGovern, the nuts have increasingly gained influence. Its what we used to call "scapegoating." One of the debts I owe to R. J. Rushdoony was to deliver me from this kind of thinking in my youth. He helped me see that conspiracy theory is a psychological device to excuse your own failures. It is interesting that it arises among parties and groups who cannot bear to lose, and must blame someone for it. It has taken place throughout history and has been responsible for the shedding of much innocent--and not so innocent--blood.

You have freedom to adopt theological theories,but you do not have freedom over the results of your choices. If you desire a fluffy and "open" God who does not control all things, then you must bear the consequences of your choice. If God doesn't control all things for the good of His people, for which we are to give thanks, then some thing or some one must, if we are not to be buffeted by chance. If bad things do not come from God to test us, and if they are not our own fault, then who is to blame.

If they come by chance, then we live in a stinking world and may as well commit some form of suicide, with guns, drugs, or booze. If some one is the cause of the bad things, then there must be some really evil people who have great power and great wealth who control our lives.

Isn't it interesting? In order to secure our free will by denying God control of the universe, we surrender our free will to monsters and monster conspiracies, who control every part of our lives. Interesting.
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