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Saturday, January 03, 2004 / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / A conservative ruling on gay marriage: "Today, thousands of children are being raised by loving same-sex couples from Boston to the Berkshires. The court rightfully notes that these children should not be penalized or deprived benefits and protections because of their parents' sexual orientation. Prochildren conservatives should support security for all Massachusetts children without exception."

The trouble with so much of the social revolution is that it is based upon junk science. What are "loving same-sex couples"? Who asks whether or not homosexual sexual orientation is itself a penalty and a depravation? Isn't it depravation to raise a child without a father, or a mother. Are two fathers just as good as a father and a mother? Of course not. To say that a stable homosexual family is better than a disfunctional heterosexual one is like saying that the bankrobber is a good daddy because he doesn't beat his wife. Isn't homosexuality itself sending sinful messages? I predict that a generation from now we will find out all kinds of reasons why homosexual marriage is a bad idea.

Think about it though. Established failures will continue if they are financed by public funds. Too many people have an interest in their continuance, no matter what the failures. Public education is a disaster in America. But we will never get rid of it, because too many people are paid by our taxes to lobby and lie for it. It will be continued no matter how much it fails. It took more than a millenium for there to be even a reasonable to the abuses of the Papacy, and in spite to the evils that produced the child abuse scandals of our generation, the Papace will continue, because of the selfish interests of power and money that so many have in continuing it, no matter what its failures. There will be no serious challenge to the papal doctrine of celebacy, which causes homosexuals to seek the priesthood in order to get mama off his back about marrying a nice Catholic girl. Instead they will condemn the priest who is in a sense a victim of the system also.
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