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Sunday, August 22, 2004 Globe/Opinion/Op-ed/Smear by veterans may hurt Bush: "As The New York Times reported last week, O'Neill had been selected by Richard Nixon's White House to counter the profound impact that Vietnam Veterans Against the War were having on public opinion in the spring of 1971. As the Times also reported, Nixon's political henchman, Chuck Colson, had specifically recruited the Navy lieutenant, like Kerry a swift boat commander in the war, to debate the antiwar movement's freshest star on Dick Cavett's television program."
And we can really trust the New York Times, can't we? This shows how desperate the left is. When all fails, whip Richard Nixon again. They were wrong about Viet Nam, about communism, about most everything then, and they are wrong now, and continue to prop up their house of cards.

But truth is the daughter of time.
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