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Monday, August 23, 2004

To me it is a no-brainer. Senator Kerry served four months in Vietnam. I do not care which account of his service is true. But this is true:

At the Democratic National Convention his service in Vietnam was made the centerpiece of his qualifications for President. He "reported for duty," to come to his nations defense again.

What he was counting on, was that the majority of people who grew up or were born after the Vietnam war do not know their history. [How could they? They went to public school.] He hoped that the old guys wouldn't remember. But he was wrong.

We remember how he came back and knifed the military. We know that he made alliances with Jane Fonda and the other extreme leftists to smear the Vietnam warriors. It was largely do to John Kerry that returning Vietnam veterans were called "baby killers" or worse. They haven't forgotten, and we haven't forgotten.

Only in a post-modern world would the ploy have a sucker's chance of working. John Kerry wants to be honored and made President of these whole United States because of his honorable and brave service in Vietnam, but he have spent your whole life smearing and dishonoring the other soldiers who fought there. It is not surprising that a great many of those who served honorably there have come forward to say, "Wait a minute. Will you serve and defend the United States as President the same way your served us in the aftermath of your tour of duty?"

John Kerry is honored in Hanoi as a Vietnam hero in their struggle against the United States and his picture hangs on the wall there, for betraying his country and serving the cause of our enemies. Will John Kerry's picture some day hang in mosques throughout the world because of his defense of the United States against terrorism? I am sorry, but this is one American who has a long memory. I will not be taking that chance.
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