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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Guardian Unlimited Sport | Olympics 2004 | Olympic gold hero accuses Bush: "America's biggest Olympic hero yesterday accused George Bush of exploiting the Athens Games for his own political advantage in the run-up to the presidential election."
And now Carl Lewis is using his Olympic Games platform for political purposes, and he is much discredited by it. I will buy nothing he endorses. He is a disgrace to the flag as well as to the Olympics, to use both for his narrow political opinions. Shame on him.

Who would listen to Carl Lewis if he had not won Olympic gold, wearing the American flag? And now this rag from England is exploiting Carl Lewis and the Olympics to slam America. Carl Lewis' picture may well be placed on some Islam hall of fame wall some day, God forbid. He exploits his gold medal shamelessly, and ought to be rejected by every American. What is his reward for bashing Bush? Invitations to posh, liberal, Democratic parties in effete Left Coast mansions? Better stick to running, Carl; you are better at it. Of course, you are over the hill, now, and I expect you still long to get your name in the paper, so any little crumb of publicity will do. But, Carl Lewis as a political commentator? Come on!

But some day, Carl Lewis may be running from this news conference, just as John Kerry is running from his in that other war.
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