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Friday, August 27, 2004 - ESSAYS ON OUR TIMES: "(My reader will immediately grasp why no Republican administration could ever wish to annex Canada. Conquer and enslave us perhaps, but no plan that involved an extension of the franchise could fail to subvert the invaders.) "
A thoughtful article on our election by Canadian David Warren. Following is my letter to him:

Dear David Warren,
Thank you for your thoughtful article on our election. I think that most Republicans in this country know and accept the uniqueness of America--some faint vestige of the "Light on the Hill" concept of our Puritan forebears. The modern concept, though, would be as startling to those forebears as the present "post-Christian" culture would be repugnant to them There is no one today who could create a United States of America, even in the United States.

Our Democratic citizens, even if they had ever heard of the "Light on the Hill" would not be prone to accept the concept or treat it with sympathy. In the present drabness of ordinariness, the Democratic party is much too concerned with narcissicism to ever think of converting anybody to anything except their own brand of selp-absorption. They are obsessed with acceptance, not conversion. They believe nothing but cultural and moral agnosticism. They only want to be secure in their conceived right to freely fornicate and to destroy the results. Nothing else really matters, don't you know.

You got one thing wrong, though, I think. No Republcan would ever conquer and enslave Canada. That belongs to the Democratic party that still hold millions of our citizens in bondage on the plantations of multi-culturalism and affirmative action. These are those who are content to walk zombie-like into voting booths to vote the straight party line, if they can figure out how to punch the ballot or use the touch scrreen. Senator Kerry is afraid that Republican hackers will corrupt the voting machines in Florida; no Democrat on the intellectual plantations described above could ever figure out how to do that! Our democrats might be interested in delivering from your intellectual plantations,but only if you would be content to live on theirs. They despise all capital, intellectual as well as economic.

But no-one is right about every thing. What is strange is the intellectual naivety of those who honestly thought that Senator Kerry could run as a patriot in light of his Viet Nam tour. Amazing!
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