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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Isn't it interesting? The word is out that if Bush wins Florida this election, the results will be suspect, because Kerry has led in the polls, that there are security flaws in the voting machines that will allow hackers to change the results.

This is just setting the stage for more hand-wringing and hate-mongering like the last election. This paves the way for a descent on Florida the day after the election by swarms of trial lawyers, Edward's buddies, to really try to steal the election.

But there is a hidden assumption here: Republicans are more computer savvy than Democrats. Just like in the last election, it was the Democrats who were too stupid to use the ballots, so they will not be able to compete in this election with the smart and evil Republican hackers.

Maybe the world has changed. Mayor Daly used to steal Illinois on a regular basis. ['How many votes do we have in Chicago? How many do you need?"] But that was by old fashioned ward-heeling and intimidation. Lyndon Johnson and the Rayburn machine stole Texas for JFK in 1960.

But the opinion of this writer is this: the election won't be that close. I guess that Bush will get in the neighborhood of 325 electoral votes. He is even in striking distance of California.

One of the first rules of propaganda is this: Don't believe your own lies. The Democrats have disregarded this rule to their own destruction in this campaign. They have hysterically maintained since the last election that Bush is stupid, a hypocrite, evil, and probably has bad breath. He isn't, of course, but they believe it. Thus, they constantly underestimate and misunderstand him. He might not be a master politician, but he is no slouch, and he is running circles around them in this campaign, in spite of the millions spent on attack ads by the supporters of John Kerry [without coordination from the campaign, which would be illegal, and Democrats always obey the law, donchknow.] Besides, we have campaign reform and there is no money in politics anymore.
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