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Monday, October 06, 2003

A great book review. "Sue 'em" is the fourth branch of government--non-elected and tyrannical. Review of Walter K. Olson's The Rule of Lawyers on National Review Online: "The consequences of the rule of lawyers have been immense: transformation of tort law to make anyone potentially liable for anything; vast wealth transfers from producers to the careless, hypersensitive, irresponsible, and venal; individual businesses, and even whole industries, ruined owing to junk science and legal misconduct; and subversion of the democratic political process as local juries and courts make national political decisions. According to The American Lawyer magazine, tobacco lawyer Wendell Gauthier (explicitly) and many other attorneys (implicitly) see �the plaintiffs bar as a de facto fourth branch of government, one that achieved regulation through litigation where legislation failed.� "
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