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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Yes, there is still danger of the greatest degree from Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction

This is not on the political page, because this is not political. It is moral. Too often both major parties have had a pragmatic idea of truth: Nixon certainly did. See the blog of this same date on Theologicalfigs.

But then, when has Ted Kennedy and the rest of his buddies in the Democratic party and the corrupt national press--the informational bureau for extreme liberalism--ever bothered to even get the facts, let alone do anything with them that was for the good of the nation. To these moral degenerates a fact is something that can be used to attack and destroy Republicans. Their idea of truth is whatever dirt they find on their political opponents that will have legs long enough to bring the poll numbers down just before elections.

The truth of a fact is irrelevant to these creatures, for there is no truth in that sense. Truth is what accomplishes a desired end. Because they lie constantly in order to achieve political purposes, they think that everyone lies in the same way. In fact, if they can persuade the voters that "everyone lies," then they have achieve a kind of immunity from facts that are genuinely true about themselves and their moral degeneracy. The adulterer and philanderer thinks he can achieve a pass if he can persuade his wife that "everyone does it."

There is no "true truth." One "truth" is never any better than another--is one 30-06 Remington better than another? My "truth" is better than your truth if I can cause enough people to believe it long enough to win elections. Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.: Don't bother me with the facts: "It is one thing to ignore the facts available, and their ominous implications. It is, however, another thing altogether to pretend that David Kay has shown that there is no danger from Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, when the facts are otherwise, and bothersome indeed."
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