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Friday, October 10, 2003

In his closing statement in his radio program today, Rush Limbaugh admitted that he has a drug addiction stemming from prescription pain killers that he took after unsuccessful back surgery several years ago. He refused to call himself a victim or a hero, saying that the real heroes are those who suffer without seeking escape or making excuses. He said he would not make excuses, but would, immediately after his program today, check himself into a treatment center for thirty days to end his dependency "once and for all."

Limbaugh is to be commended for his straightforward admission and for his unwillingness to make any excuses. There is an investigation going on concerning the illegal drugs and he is limited in what the authorities will permit him to say.

The Christian faith recognizes that men are flawed. This is fundamental to the confession of Biblical Christianity. Our hope and prayers are with Rush, that he not only would beat his addiction, but that he would find true and vital Christian faith, that which depends on Christ alone for righteousness and peace.

The liberals, of course, will lick their chops, not realizing that the conservative--as well as the Christian message-- depends upon the truth of the message, not the perfection of those who proclaim it. Men fail, and will fail, but the grace of God does not depend upon the integrity of men, but on His certain and faithful promises.
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