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Monday, October 06, 2003

Three More Christians Arrested in China
Xiao Bi-guang and Zhang Yi-nan were arrested recently in the Henan Province of China. Sources report that over 20 Public Security Bureau officers made the arrests. The location where the two are being held is unknown. Their families have received no notification, which is in violation of Chinese law, which states that the family members will be notified of their location within 24 hours.

Xiao is an active member of a Beijing house church. He is a graduate of Beijing University Law School and was a lecturer there until his house church activities became known to authorities. He has served as a part of the legal team representing leaders of the South China Church, including Pastor Gong Shengliang, which is often labeled an “evil cult” by the Chinese government.

Zhang is a prolific writer and a church historian for China’s underground churches. He was one of the chief writers involved in the Unity Movement and was one of the writers of the movement’s first Joint Confession of Faith and the United Appeal to the Three Self Patriotic Movement and Chinese Government. Zhang’s wife, Ding Guizhen, a doctor at a local hospital, was also arrested two days later.

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