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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Thomas Sowell: Great myths about the great depression: "Some of the people who most admired and almost worshipped FDR -- poor people and blacks, for example -- were hurt the most by amateurish tinkering with the economy by Roosevelt's New Deal administration. This book is an education in itself, both in history and in economics. It is also a warning of what can happen when leaders are chosen for their charm, charisma and rhetoric."

I never expected in my lifetime to hear about a book like this. The book is FDR's Folly, and is reviewed by my favorite black author, the brilliant scholar, Thomas Sowell.

We will continue to repeat the follies of the New Deal until we face the reality that is was folly, and the depression did not go away until World War II. Neither politicians nor preachers should be chosen for their 'charm, charisma and rhetoric.'
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