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Sunday, October 05, 2003

WORLD October 11, 2003: American Muslim Council founder arrested at airport: "The American Muslim Council's founder, Abudurahman Alamoudi, is a naturalized and politically well-connected U.S. citizen who came to the United States from Eritrea and Yemen. He was arrested at Dulles Airport on Sept. 28 on charges of illegally accepting money from Libya and making numerous trips there on a Yemeni passport, in defiance of a U.S. ban on travel to that country. He insisted it all was a misunderstanding"

Islam has developed a well-thought-out plan for the "evangelizing" of North America that goes back many years. I remember writing a letter to a newspaper years ago warning of the influx of Muslims and the building of Mosques in the US. The ideal of freedom of religion is very much under attack. Does it make sense to give freedom to those who despise freedom and hate us for our freedom?
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