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Friday, November 14, 2003

Ahmad Chalabi is a member of the Iraqi Governing Council. - We've made real progress: "It is difficult for non-Iraqis to understand the significance of the day in July when the Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) was established. For Iraqis, who have suffered 35 years of totalitarian dictatorship, this was a momentous occasion. For the first time in memory, the people saw an Iraqi governing body that did not consist of a dictator and his clones. They saw a diverse group of men and women reflecting all parts of Iraqi society, united by a firm desire to bring democracy, human rights and the rule of law to Iraq.

"The best way to defeat the forces of terrorism in Iraq is to restore Iraqi sovereignty and empower the people to win back our country. Their desire to have a role in their governance must be respected by holding elections for a commission to write a new democratic constitution. The IGC should be expanded and developed into a provisional government so that Iraqis can share the burden of security and govern their own country while the constitution is drafted"
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