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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Roger L. Simon: October 2003: "And here's why I think they're dangerous-they're acting like we're still in Vietnam when we're in a real war of civilizations. We're on the right side this time. Haven't they seen the videotapes of Baathists chopping their own countrymens' heads off and pushing them off roofs? Haven't they seen the unmarked graves of children? What's going on with these people?"

I'm glad that liberals like Roger Simon are able to see the evil of the Islamists, but people like him seem to get more excited about atrocities commited in the name of God than atrocities commited in the name of atheistic communism. Didn't the Viet Cong strap explosives to children and run them toward the American troops. Are atrocities commited against the innocent citizens of Southeast Asia somehow better than those commited against Middle East natives? I don't get it. Castro and Pol Pot were doll babies, weren't they. Come on, Roger. For crying out loud and other cliches. Is it so hard to admit you were wrong in the Sixties?
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