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Friday, November 14, 2003

Bush understands it; but do the ambitious, unprincipled, socialists in America who care for nothing but power get it? These aging flower children of the sixties marched to the different tune of appeasment, sentimental hope, and sex instead of courage. The result was the tragic slaughter of friends of democracy in Viet Nam, Cambodia and other places. Will we undercut our friends again?

The modern American chickens were the campus American chickens of the sixties and seventies. They are now tenured professors, social workers, lawyers, and politicians, promoting abortion "rights," universal health care, sodomy for the churches, feminism, and other Marxist and statist idolatries. They now sit on courts that render one decision after another against Christianity and Christian morals. They know what they are doing, for they are a lawless generation that is certain of only one thing: their right to break every one of God's commandments and to have the government pick up whatever costs come from their transgressions. They will never forgive Ronald Reagan for his principled opposition to the Soviet Union, nor will they ever forgive Bush for his principled opposition to the Islamic terrorism. They are convinced of their ultimate morality of their own thoughts and passionately demonize their opposition. They are corrupted in their minds and souls, but imagine that they are free and enlightened. They will not be sorry if America and Bush back down on the "so-called war on terrorism" as one of the said on TV the other night, because they think that Israel and America are the greatest threats to the world, and it would be good to have America humbled and leveled to the rest of the nations.

They want this because they hate any kind of excellence. They do not want winners, except themselves, and they do not expect to win because of their own achievements, but by slandering and pulling down their opponents. Hence, they have no program for combating terrorism; their enemy is George Bush, and so they spend all their time, intelligence, and energy trying to find defects in his program against terror.

Their socialism permeates their whole process. They are against excellence. Hence, those who try to set a high standard for morals are condemned as hypocrites; those nations who try to excel are chauvanistic and racist; religions that claim to know the truth are bigotted; people who gain wealth are selfish and oppressive. Levelling is their creed; slander and destruction are their practice. They are enemies of Christ and His church, and their ways are the ways of death.

RealClear Politics - Commentary: "Bush demonstrated that he understands the stakes involved. 'The failure of democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq will condemn every advocate of freedom in those two countries to prison and death, and would extinguish the democratic hopes of millions in the Middle East.
'The failure of democracy in those two countries would provide new basis for the terrorist network and embolden terrorists and their allies around the world.'And, he said, failure 'would convince terrorists that America backs down under attack and more attacks on America would surely follow.' "
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