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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Yes. This worked so well in Viet Nam. The American Chicken is alive and well in America just as it was when these people were saying the sames things about that other war. We left after the last Gulf War and our friends in Iraq paid a terrible price for our stupidity and false promises. We won't do it again. But then, the elder Bush did not have the benefit of the two Trade Center Bombings, and Bill Clinton was too busy with interns to pay any attention to the first bombing. As Saddam's son said, however, "this President is not like the last one. The game is over." We shan't leave again, because 9/11 changed all that.

Pittsburgh ought to be ashamed of its paper and columnist Ralph Reiland. He ought to put a cork in it, or someone at the paper ought to tell him that the world has changed. Dubya is not Lyndon, Iraq is not Viet Nam, there isn't any North Iraq, the UN is dead, Islamists are Nazis, not communists, and sturdy Heartland America is not going to listen to the silliness of the Sixties that seemed so sophisticated then. To the flower-power and make-love-not-war and better-red-than-dead remnant we say, "Your vision did not bring in peace, it did not make our cities safer, it did not save our schools and universitites, it did not end poverty, it did not bring down the Soviet Union, it did not bring virtue and strength to Europe, nor did it bring conviction and certainly did not bring virtue and faith to our churches. Face it, your generation could have been great except for you; instead it was a complete and total failure, unlike the generation before you. So turn on Elvis or the Beach Boys or the Dead or the Who and the Eagles, smoke your pot, and silently fade away. The present wasteland of American TV, gansta rap, and feel-good churches are your doing. You are not relevant any more now than you were then and that Europe is now.

Where is Jane Fonda when you need her? Where are the Smothers Brothers and Peter, Paul, and Mary? Where is the whine of Joan Baez? Doesn't it give you goose-bumps! Where is the Free Speech Movement Oh, I forgot. You won that last one and now you can be as vulgar and filthy as you desire. - Unscrew the cork: "Solution? Declare victory over Saddam, and tell the Iraqis that it's now their blood, sweat and tears, not ours, that will determine their future. "

Do you want the blood, sweat and tears of the Iraqis to determine our future, too? That isn't American. We take care of ourselves, not hiding behind the blood, sweat, and tears of others.
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