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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: "Even Woodward and Bernstein wouldn't have done that. In fact, in 'All the President's Men' they write of angrily spurning a request from the McGovern campaign for an advance on the next day's 'hot' Watergate story, saying it would undermine their credibility to show partisanship.

"Which is why journalists at other networks fear they may end up catching the flak for CBS's sin. Those who have long been convinced of a liberal bias in journalism have found their smoking gun -- and those who were undecided may now be asking themselves some serious questions.

"How CBS reacts is important, too. Its initial response, claiming only that Rather & Co. were 'misled' about the documents' origins, is hardly the kind of mea culpa other news organizations have responded with in similar situations. (In fact, Rather yesterday told The Chicago Tribune he still doesn't think they were forgeries.) "
There needs to be a complete housecleaning at CBS to get the smell. Scraping the walls wouldn't do it, probably.
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