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Tuesday, September 21, 2004 As Rather goes, so goes network news: "Some might argue that Rather was just a duped news reader, that he was simply following orders. In which case, following the precedent established in the 1998 'Tailwind' scandal-in which CNN's Peter Arnett was forced to quit after he read phony copy about Americans using poison gas in Laos-Rather should still be forced to take his leave.

But even if he limps along at CBS till the expiration of his contract in 2006, Rather is done for. He will be remembered as a reporter-crusader who went chasing after the Big Story both courageously and recklessly. Whatever the subject - hurricanes, Watergate, Afghanistan, George W. Bush - he was always on a quest. And like Captain Ahab, the obsessive anti-hero of Moby-Dick, Rather had many successes, but then he went harpooning after one too many a whale."
Right on!
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