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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Education follies: "The Cato Institute looked at prices of private schools in a number of cities around the country and compared their tuitions with what the government spends on education. In the District of Columbia, for example, the government spends $11,009 per pupil. Forty-five of the District's private schools charged less than that per year, and 39 charged $5,000 or less. "

The facts [what on earth are "facts"?] refute the idea that private schools are for "privileged rich kids." If that is true, then why doesn't the government shut down public schools and send all the kids to private school, where they would all be "privileged"? It would be much cheaper. Isn't it the truth [what on earth is "truth"?] that the real privileged class in public schools are the teachers and administrators? Rich politicians in Washington who oppose vouchers in payment for campaign support from the education lobby, who wants to hang on to this privilege, can afford to send their kids to the few very expensive private schools for rich liberals.
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