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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Denis Boyles on EuroPress on National Review Online: "Hertoghe, 44, is the former deputy editor of the online version of La Croix. His book, La guerre a outrances: Comment la presse nous a desinformes sur l'Irak (roughly, and more pointedly, 'All-out war: How the press lied to us about Iraq'), was published by Calmann Levy, France's oldest publishing house, with impeccable timing last October, just as several other introspective books critical of France were flourishing on the best-seller lists and stimulating debate among the yakking-classes. But there was one little thing different about Hertoghe's book. It wasn't critical of France. It was critical of the French press. "

Read this article. It is about how to get fired by telling the truth. The truth can get you fired in a great many places. Even in--or should we say especially--in an American pulpit. Many a preacher has lost his job because he dared to speak the truth. There are a great many paid liars, who conceal the truth in order to keep their jobs. Hertoghe is to be greatly admired, which shows that there are honorable men, even among the French.
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