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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Yes. Louisiana State University is the national football champion. They are the George Bush of football. They won according to the rules agreed on and in effect for a number of years and agreed to by all the leagues and teams of the NCAA.

But there are crybabies. USC and their supporters are the Al Gore of football. They did not win according to the rule, and so they want to change the rule. Liberals do not want to live by law or by rule; they want to change the rule and attack the rule when the rule of law does not work to their preference and misapply the plain meaning of the law. But USC did not have a Johnny Cochran or a Florida Supreme Court to fudge the results in terms of emotion. So USC is not the national champion, just as Al Gore is not president of the United States.

If USC had won all their games, then there would be no doubt. But they lost one, and therefore they are not the national champions. They won two polls, but football agreed a number of years ago that the polls would not determine the national champions. USC is a good team, with probably the best West Coast quarterback since John Elway. But they are not the national champions, only self-proclaimed ones. USC had a great win over Michigan in the Rose Bowl, but that is not the rule by which national champions are crowned. LSU is. Could USC whip LSU. Don't know, won't ever know. We didn't get a chance to find out because of the rules. Long live the rules. The games are played by the rules. The penalties, the successful plays, and a dozen other important things are decided by the rules. So is the champion. USC did not win according to the rule. They are not the champion. Don't cry about it. Change the rule, if you can.

There is no split national championship, because the polls are relevant only as they provide the poll factor in the computer formula, as was agreed, and the rule underwhich the season was played. There are always self-proclaimed champions, but they soon pass from memory. There is controversy only of the kind of a small boy who cries when he loses the race. USC holds no part of the national championship.

LSU is not the computer champion--that is Al Gore talk. They are the legal and lawful champion, just like George Bush is the president by reason of law.

BTW, it was a great football game tonight.

Long live the law! Long live the rule of law. It is the only thing that separates us from the beasts and delivers us from the rule of men and tyranny.

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