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Saturday, January 10, 2004 - Politics - Dean Backer Calls GOP Candidate 'House Mexican': "Steven Ybarra, a Democratic National Committee (search) official and regional coordinator of Latinos for Dean (search), called Rosario Marin (search), the former U.S. treasurer under President Bush who is now seeking the GOP nomination to compete against California Sen. Barbara Boxer, a 'house Mexican for the Republicans.' The attack was sent out in a mass e-mail to political activists, community leaders and a number of journalists this week. "

To avoid the charge of racism you have to be a liberal, but liberals literally get away with murder when it comes to racists statement, just a Hil did a few days ago. Some of us have always known that, even though it seems to us that smaller government, pro-life, and lower taxes benefit all nationalities. But why think, when you can cast racial slurs?

I suppose that Dubya's grandchildren are "House Mexicans."

The real reason for Ybarra's slur lies in the following quotation:

" 'Apparently, according to Mr. Ybarra and many of his fellow Democrats, if you are not a liberal Democrat, then you shouldn't be considered a legitimate minority. It doesn't matter that I'm an immigrant, the daughter of a janitor and a seamstress, or that I had to teach myself English because my first language was Spanish,' she [Marin] said in a statement. "

There is 'way too much self-help in that statement. How can you truly be a member of a worthy minority if you do not live on the liberal plantation, getting everything you need from Massa, popping out illigitmate children to provide more voters for the liberal plantation owners, who will reward you will welfare checks, minimum health care, but do nothing about drug dealers and hooligans in your neighbors, and certainly will not vote you vouchers to free you from the lawless public schools. Freeing you from public schools would be counter productive, for that is where you are taught that you cannot help yourself, that you need the government to do it for you.

Do not count on the black vote and the Hispanic vote continuing to go to liberals year after year. A great many of both groups are beginning to understand that they have to get off the plantation to enjoy the American dream.
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