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Saturday, January 10, 2004

OpinionJournal - Extra: "You wouldn't think that a Democratic presidential contender who has consistently championed a woman's right to choose--including partial-birth abortion--could suddenly find his bona fides questioned. But that's just what happened to Joe Lieberman when he foolishly wandered into the no-man's-land of modern American politics: a rational discussion of Roe v. Wade.
Leave aside that in his interview with New Hampshire's Union Leader the Connecticut Democrat never questioned Roe itself. Or that his point was the eminently reasonable one that if viability (the time after which a fetus can survive outside the womb) is the measure for when the state can regulate abortion, the 'extraordinary advances in medical science' we have witnessed in the past three decades will have implications for where that line is drawn.
In short order, Mr. Lieberman found himself under fire for his apostasy, with front-runner Howard Dean accusing him in remarks to the Associated Press of sounding like a . . . Republican."

Truth is the daugher of time, you know.
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