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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Pakistan's Nuclear Metastasis: How Widespread is the Cancer?: "But the much-anticipated meeting took place at an awkward moment for Pakistan, one that could define its future as a nation in moral, diplomatic, and economic terms more starkly than any other issue. The conduct of the Pakistani state, ruled for over half its existence by military governments, is under a microscope as nuclear watchdogs try to unravel the extent of damage done by Pakistani nuclear scientists assisting rogue regimes from Tripoli to Tehran to Pyongyang in building sophisticated uranium enrichment facilities."

But, you know. According to Jimmy Carter, peace depends upon us not making moral judgments about nations. All are to be treated the same. What IS the fuss?

It took the world years to get into this mess of moral relativity, and it will take us a few more years to get out of it.
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