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Thursday, January 08, 2004 - News - Fla. Woman Charged With Sexual Relationship With 11-Year-Old: "Carol Flannigan, a teacher at Rolling Green Elementary in Boynton Beach, was arrested Wednesday on six charges, including two counts of capital sexual battery on a child under 12. Authorities said the relationship lasted for 19 months. "

So what's the big deal? We have been telling people for years that there is no natural moral law, that the Ten Commandments do not apply, that you don't have to obey law if you don't like it, that certainly we shouldn't impose our religious values on each other, and then we have a fit over allegations that a basketball star has raped a hotel worker, that Michael Jackson has abused boys, and now that a 49 years old teacher has seduced a 11 year old boy. What's the big deal. Dif'runt strokes for dif'runt folks.

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