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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Kerry Ad Says Flu Vaccine Shortage Is Typical of Bush's Policy Blunders ( "In what may be the first presidential campaign commercial dealing with the flu, the Democratic nominee is trying to portray the vaccine squeeze as typical of the president's mishandling of health care. Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said that Kerry had opposed a legislative remedy and that his 'incredible hypocrisy just demonstrates again his willingness to say whatever will benefit him politically.' "
For, you see. Liberals think that the government is the cure for everything, so if anything goes wrong, it is the government's fault. They are aided and abetted by their willing accomplices in the press who serve as a bulletin board for the Democrats liberal propaganda. Amazing that a dummy like Bush could be the cause of so much! But it does show that Kerry knows he is losing and he is pulling out the stops. I wonder how low he will be willing to go.
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