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Friday, October 15, 2004

Paul Kengor on George W. Bush, Freedom & Middle East on National Review Online: "Next to September 11 -- which began the sequence of events that made this election possible -- the vote in Afghanistan is the most far-reaching occurrence of the young 21st century, holding profound implications for future generations. Mercifully, the one person who understands the ramifications as well as if not better than anyone is the so-called dummy in the White House."
What a privilege I have had to live during the presidencies of some of America's greatest presidents. The older I get the more I apprcieate two Democrats: FDR and Harry Truman. Soft on socialism, yes, and both were much too trusting in the power of government to solve problems, but there is no question in my mind where they would be on this election. Remember, Zell Miller is an old time FDR democrat.

The other two are Republicans: Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. The biggest mistakes that Reagan made were choosing George Bush the first as Vice President and not getting rid of the Department of Education. But his towering achievement which overshadows all his mistakes was his clear vision that the USSR was an evil empire and giving America the will and the means to defeat it and win the Cold War.

The last is George W. Bush, the dummy. Looked down upon by the slicktalking lawyers, he has managed to outwit them all, and is poised to give liberalism one of its greatest defeats in the history of this country.

This country will choose in a few weeks whether to re-elect a man that will be in every Hall of Fame of liberty, from Afghanistan to Iraq to ???, or to elect the hero of the dark regime that rules the third power of the Axis of Evil, North Viet Nam. Kerry is their hero and has his picture in the North Korean war memorial because of his lying testimony before Congress that won the war of public opinion in the United States and betrayed and slandered his fellow servicemen, who came home despised and defamed.

That's a hard choice???

Ted Koppel and Nightline show they are following the direction of ABC See article to assure the election of Kerry etal. They sent a news [??] crew to the Axis of Evil to get an account of Kerry's Silver Star event. How sweet. So the Viet Cong are going to tell the truth about a hero of the Viet Cong--hmm? In an absolutely closed society where you can disappear into an Asian Gulag, you are going to say that John Kerry, the hero of the Viet Cong--whose picture is displaying in honor for his service to the Viet Cong in demoralizing American public opinion--is a liar? Get real. I am ashamed of Ted Koppel. He appears fair and honest, but would stoop to this. Is Dan Rather his hero? This story may be the death rattle of Night Line. The horror of impugning the honor of true American heros and warriors by the testimony of slave labor!! For crying out loud.
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